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Advertise on (www.Realwaparz.com) Having Over 250,000 55,000 fans in our two facebook fanpages, 1,400 Twitter Followers, Over 2 Million Unique Visitors per month, 80,000 users

1. Realwaparz is one of the Fastest Growing Website in Nigeria according to Alexa Ranking.
2. Realwaparz is the 3rd Website in Nigeria with an Official Ucweb Browser Bookmark.
3. Realwaparz has about 80,000 Users on its Main site.

Our ads Types

1- For our Mobile Version

Banner Ads:
Footer: 320x50 px
Header: 320x50px
Music download page: 320x50px

Footer = #1000 per week, month = # 4000 [ads dont rotate]
Header = #1500 per week, month = # 5000 [ads rotate]

Text ads:
runs only at the top of our updates where all users see everyday Week = #2000, month= #7000

2- Written post ads

We will write a post for you talking about your products and update it. if forum post it will have features of comments but if page, no feature of comment but both have share buttons meaning your post can be shared to facebook, twitter and others, and it may be sticked [3 days] or not sticked [if any new post it comes after urs].

Post on page and updated: #500
Post on page and updated [sticked for 3 days] = #1500
Post on forum and updated: #500
Post on forum and sticked: #1000

4. Our social networks ads

We have 2 big facebook fanpages 250,000 likes fanspage | 54,000 likes fanspage

1.[250,000 fans] [competitive ads may be ran]
2.[54,000 ] [competitive ads may be ran]

We can be publishing your ads three times everyday on those fanpage
on 250,000 likes page = #2000 a week
on 53,000 likes page = #1000 a week

Our Advert Rules And Terms

Competive ads: are ads concerning adverts of sites that offers what we offer like forum,etc.

-*- We dont advertise pbnl site [they are centered on our Violation]
-*- We can advertise blog sites even if their services tie with us.
-*- We advertise ebooks, Email Subscription.
-*- Wedding, groove, party, music [singles and albums]
-*- and other sorts of adverts...


Email oikechi@gmail.com for bank details

After Payment send The Following below to our email [oikechi@gmail.com]
1- The plan you paid for, The Ammount You paid
2- Your Ads Link
3- Your Ads Title
4- Other neccessary Details

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