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  • Top 35 Qualities of a True Life Partner [don’t miss]

    35 Qualities You Should Look For In A Life Partner
    Fall in love
    1. A strong sense of self, because you can’t be with someone
    who doesn’t know who they are.
    2. Honesty , because your relationship won’t survive without it.
    3. Joy, because if you’re going to survive through the struggles,
    you need to be with someone who makes you happy.
    4. Integrity, because you can’t be with a person you don’t
    5. Accountability, because you can’t have a strong relationship
    with someone who isn’t going to be there for you.
    6. Sense of humor, because as long as they know how tolaugh
    at life, you’ll be okay.
    7. Strength, because sometimes you’re going to feel weak, and
    you’re going to need someone to hold you up.
    8. The ability to trust others , because sometimes they’re going to
    be weak, and they should be willing to lean on you as much as
    you lean on them.
    9. Maturity, because a relationship needs two adults, not one.
    10. Compatibility from the start, because that’s something you
    can’t really ‘work on.’
    11. Independence, because being with another person doesn’t
    mean you should forget who you are.
    12. Commitment, because the only way for a relationship to
    continue to grow is if you both take it seriously.
    13. Vulnerability, because you can’t become close with someone
    if they don’t let their walls down.
    14. An ability to argue in a productive way. Working through a
    problem will be necessary, but shouting or getting overly
    defensive will get you both nowhere.
    15. Humility, because everyone makes mistakes, and you have to
    be willing to admit when you’re wrong if you want your
    relationship to have a chance.
    16. Openness, or there will be no room for growth in your
    17. Selflessness, because being selfish is basically a death wish
    for a relationship.
    18. Affection, because no matter how long you’ve been together,
    it’s important to always remind each other that you love one
    19. Self-awareness, because if your partner doesn’t realize when
    they’re being stubborn, or disconnected, or causing you pain…
    you’ll feel like you’re in a relationship with a brick wall.
    20. Empathy, because even if they can’t technically understand
    something you’re going through, they should at least be able to
    comfort you and understand the emotions you’re feeling.
    21. Flexibility, because Life is what happens when you’re busy
    making other plans.
    22. A healthy amount of ambition , because it’s important to be
    with someone who’s always working towards a better and happier
    life, together with you.
    23. Dedication to family, whatever ‘family’ means to them.
    Whether it’s parents or friendsor coworkers, they understand the
    importance of strong relationships with loved ones.
    24. Forgiveness , because you’re going to do or say something
    hurtful many, many times.
    25. Open-mindedness, because someone who isn’t receptive to
    new ideas is only going to hold you back.
    26. An awareness of when not to cross the line. Because having
    fun and letting loose is important, but too much of a seemingly
    light thing (vacation, alcohol, spending money) can be a bad
    27. Faithfulness, because a relationship cannot thrive without it.
    28. Unconditional love, because you’re going to encounter a lot
    of conditions that aren’t perfect.
    29. Interests outside of you, or else the two of you will get sick
    of each other in no time.
    30. The ability to communicate, because neither one of you can
    read minds.
    31. A healthy dose of insecurity, because you want to be with a
    human being, not a superhero.
    32. Sexual attraction, because you can’t force that sort of thing.
    33. Curiosity, because you don’t want to be with someone who’s
    tired of life by the age of 18.
    34. Loyalty, because you should be with someone who is always
    going to fight for you.
    35. The ability to enjoy simple pleasures. Because nothing is
    more enjoyable than watching the sun rise or eating a delicious
    piece of pizza with someone you know you will be with for the
    rest of your life.
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