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8 Things You Should Never Tell Your Girlfriend About - Nigerian students Official Blog for University News, Scholarships and Students Empowerment -

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  • 16 Things You Shouldn’t Tell Your GirlfriendAbout

    Can’t keep secrets from your girl? Well, while
    that’s heartwarming, there are things that are
    best left unsaid for the sake of your relationship!
    It’s better to have a cork in your mouth than your foot, don’t you
    Communication and trust are the cornerstones of a healthy,
    happy relationship. As a couple, you should both be able to
    openly and honestly talk about how your day went, your fears,
    your past, and your plans for the future. But is that always the
    While you may have come to a point that you are completely
    comfortable with your super understanding and eager listener of
    a girlfriend, and that you have a knee-jerk reaction to share
    everything with her, there are still a few things that you should
    be tight-lipped about.
    Just like there are some things you don’t—and shouldn’t—share
    with the world or post on social media, there are also things that
    you should not tell your girlfriend *or any livingsoul, for that
    matter* because of three things: it could change the way she
    looks at you, it could change the way she looks at herself, and it
    could change the way she sees her relationship with you.
    Whichever category her reaction falls into, it’s just going to be
    downhill from there, so better keep your mouth shut about certain

    16 things you should never tell your girlfriend

    So before you put yourself in hot water by not watching what you
    say, we give you a list ofthings that you should NEVER tell your

    #1 She put too much salt in the casserole. Avoid finding fault in
    the nice things she does for you, even if it’s a glaring mistake.
    Whether she put too much bleach on your favorite shirt and it’s
    now a curious shade of gray instead of blue, or she prepared your
    favorite dish all wrong, don’t go around pointing all this out
    before even showing your appreciation for the hard work she put
    into hoping to please you.

    #2 Her mother is a very nosy lady. Her mother might be
    irritating, conniving, and sneaky—she doesn’t like you even if you
    try your best to show your good intentions. But the thing is, to
    her, her parents are the best, kindest people ever. If you tell her
    anything negative about her parent or any member of her family,
    she will always be on their side, so better keep your thoughts to

    #3 You cheated on your ex. Okay, you were a douchebag in the
    past and made a lot of mistakes you’re not proud of. But now you
    have a girlfriend and a clean slate, so don’t bring up your past
    indiscretions, or you’ll leave her doubting your fidelity and the
    relationship all the time.

    #4 We used to go to this place. Another big no-no to tell your girl
    is the nitty-gritty of what was great about your past relationship.
    Even if she asks about it, it’s all a ploy, so you better keep your
    lips sealed. Likewise, don’t talk about how your last relationship

    #5 Gary has been seeing another woman. It’s common for many
    couplesto share juicy gossip about their friends. Often, men are
    as much of a gossiper as any woman. However, it’s totally uncool
    to share about your friend cheating on his wife or girlfriend
    because she might end up not liking your friends and not wanting
    you to hang out with them.

    #6 I want my mommy. Womenlike to see their men as
    independent, capable beings. So when you tell your girl that you
    are still dependent on your parents, especially your mom, it
    *drastically* changes the way she looks at you. Although every
    adult guy depends on his parents for something, you shouldn’t
    admit this to your girlfriend.
    #7 You’re scared too. While it’s nice to be open about your fears
    in life, try not to dabble on your little-boy fears. When your
    girlfriend tells you that she’s afraid of spiders or needles, don’t
    blurt out that you’re scared too. She tells you her fears because
    she wants you to be there for her and protect her, so if you tell
    her you have the same fears and do nothing to help her, she’s
    less likely to count on you anymore for her other fears.
    #8 That’s Katie’s couch. So you regularly invite her over, or you
    have plans of asking her to move in. The last thing you’d want
    her to know is that a lot of the fancy decorations she likes in
    your place are actually done or given by an ex or two. Though
    you don’t have to throw away that expensive couch from your ex
    or that baseball memorabilia gifted by someone you dated, it’s
    best to just pretend that everything you own is actually yours.
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