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  • There are variety of acts ladies display when they visit guys, and they want to avoid s*x just to protect their dignity. In fact, 80% of ladies are guilty of these acts
    As a matter of fact, some of them will still fall prey grin
    Lemme keep the ball rolling cool
    1. She Insists You Keep The Door Wide Open
    A lady visited me yesterday “gbaaaam”, na so I lock door. The lady stood up immediately and demanded I opened the door, saying she was suffocating of heat. For inside rain ? Haba nawa ooooo. I bet she didn’t trust me grin
    2. She Tells Her Friend To Keep Ringing Her Up
    If you are a very good observer, I trust you might have noticed it. Once she starts seeing your moves, she will PING or send her friend a on Whatsapp/BBM, that she should do the needful. Suddenly, her fone will start ringing at intervals, she will pick and start begging the person to kindly give her 5minutes to show up
    3. She Suddenly Says She’s Going Home
    Someone intended to spend 3hours with you; she had barely spent 45mins, and starts heading towards the door when she notices your boxers is having a different shape, she says “my mom should be expecting me by now cos I told her I wouldn’t stay long”
    4. She Refuses To Sit Down
    There was a time a junior college of mine paid me a visit. She entered into my room and refused to sit on the chair or bed. Babe sit down for bed na, she no gree; oyah sit down for chair den, she no gree; oyah sit down on top rug den, she no gree oooo… Could you believe this lady said she was comfortable and stood for nearly 30 minutes
    5. She Tells You She’s On Her Period
    This is very common. One even asked for the toilet, saying she wanted to change her pad. Immediately, I begin para like person wey breeze blow him original Bsc certificate for inside gutter
    6. She Acts Like She’s So Much Interested In watching A Movie
    Even if the movies is very boring, they will focus on the movie as if they are writing their final year exam grin
    7. She Says She Doesn’t Visit Guys
    In the course of discussion, she will tell you that you are the first guy that she will be stepping her feet into his room. This is to signal to you that courtesy demands you don’t initiate s*x
    8. She Wears Tight A Jean Trouser
    This is another way ladies try to secure themselves. Those who are not too sure of themselves will wear a jean trouser that will be as tight as escaping from Kirikiri grin
    9. She Brings Her Friend Along
    She never told you prior to her arrival that she will be coming with a friend. She suddenly showed up with her friend. It’s just one of those things grin
    10. She Pretends To Be fasting
    Even if she’s not, she will pretend to be fasting in a bid to signal to you that No show at all. Funny enough, some of them will mistakenly eat bubble gum grin
    Feel free to add yours
    Have fun cool
    Written by- dayo.awosiji
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