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Creating a New Useful Topic and earn alot

Mtn 7.5GB is still working even after mtn has taken the mb
by Maxclerk. 3 post &2270 views. Apr 17, 2016 (dbaddestboy)

Wapka Working Social Sharer Script Shared By Lilcemmy
by Lilcemmy. 1 post &291 views. Apr 12, 2016 (Lilcemmy)

Wapka code FULL Toturial VISIT My Site www.MPostBD.Com
by mujahid. 1 post &313 views. Apr 8, 2016 (mujahid)

Wapka Experts Pls Come including admins
by netlouis. 1 post &342 views. Mar 30, 2016 (netlouis)

Realwaparz head tag code
by 2gojedix. 2 post &1481 views. Mar 30, 2016 (Lilbd)

Wapka Vs PHP which is better?
by 2gojedix. 2 post &549 views. Mar 28, 2016 (Miraque)

Ceebook.net css
by JOKERJONZE. 2 post &5118 views. Mar 27, 2016 (shafii)

[Share] How To Place Related Topic Before Comment Form *New*
by JOKERJONZE. 2 post &1238 views. Mar 19, 2016 (Gucci Handbags)

My unfamiliar website
by jennais60. 2 post &401 views. Mar 12, 2016 (alebuiquere)

[Share] [Code] #Tag and @ TagJs
by JOKERJONZE. 2 post &365 views. Feb 24, 2016 (tester)

Simply Way To Make A Chat Bubble With CSS3 In Your Website (Even On Wapka)
by 2gojedix. 2 post &2189 views. Feb 23, 2016 (1)

[Code] How To Get Set Up UcWeb Advertisement and Earn With Your Wapka Wapsite [INFOGRAPHIC]
by 2gojedix. 4 post &1713 views. Feb 16, 2016 (1)

Admin Needed @Funforever.in
by Djjohal. 3 post &318 views. Feb 9, 2016 (2gojedix)

[Mega post] Automatic forum Updates! EXLOADER code
by 2gojedix. 5 post &3187 views. Jan 28, 2016 (amoscoded)

how to use d 2go mb to work on all app usin psiphon
by thommyclassic. 4 post &662 views. Jan 11, 2016 (paper boy)

user just comment in forum badly needed
by iceskidnoni. 1 post &203 views. Dec 28, 2015 (iceskidnoni)

Wapka forum list code with paging for wapka sites
by 2gojedix. 4 post &2136 views. Dec 27, 2015 (Aeontk)

How To Use Guest As Username For Non Logged Users In Wapka Forum
by J0hnrisky. 1 post &278 views. Nov 21, 2015 (J0hnrisky)

Wapka Site Bottom Copyright Code
by J0hnrisky. 1 post &1580 views. Nov 21, 2015 (J0hnrisky)

Follow us on Facebook Script for Wapka Sites
by J0hnrisky. 1 post &256 views. Nov 21, 2015 (J0hnrisky)

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137 days ago
[img]http://realwaparz.com/download-287-8c1842f62d61c45cf482/listbg.jpg[/img] Bet9ja Sure winning Code For Saturday January 7/1/2017 - Cheats
BET9JA CODE 07/01/2017 3609 Hull City - Swansea: 1X 3626 Rotherham - Oxford: X2 3613 Black...

138 days ago
[img]http://realwaparz.com/download-287-8c1842f62d61c45cf482/listbg.jpg[/img] Mtn Cheap Data - Cheats
New MTN 2GB For N500, 4GB For N1000 And 8GB For N2000 Amazing data plans right? You migh...

207 days ago
[img]http://realwaparz.com/download-287-8c1842f62d61c45cf482/listbg.jpg[/img] Get Etisalat 400mb For 50naira Only - Cheats
Etislat is giving out 400MB for as low as N50 on their package called Etisalat Smartpack a...

211 days ago
[img]http://realwaparz.com/download-287-8c1842f62d61c45cf482/listbg.jpg[/img] How To Get Free N50 & Free 10mb From Mtn - Cheats
You can get free 10MB and free N50 from MTN, all you need to do is just answer few questio...

212 days ago
[img]http://realwaparz.com/download-287-8c1842f62d61c45cf482/listbg.jpg[/img] Call For 25minute On Mtn With #100 - Cheats
Follow us promptly to learn how this is possible. Get MTN #100 airtime, make sure its read...

229 days ago
[img]http://realwaparz.com/download-287-8c1842f62d61c45cf482/listbg.jpg[/img] Newly Cracked Settings For Glo 0.0k Via Netify Vpn – October 2016 By jedix - Cheats
Open it add port and non port:7070 proxy server type:real host proxy server:redirect.glo.c...

229 days ago
[img]http://realwaparz.com/download-287-8c1842f62d61c45cf482/listbg.jpg[/img] Notice: Migration Between Tariff Plans On Mtn Is Now Free - Cheats
you can now be able to migrate to any mtn tariff plan any day and every time you want to w...

232 days ago
[img]http://realwaparz.com/download-287-8c1842f62d61c45cf482/listbg.jpg[/img] Mtn, Glo, Tigo, Airtel, Vodafone Gprs Internet Configuration For Ghana - Cheats
Let’s start with how anyone can Configure Internet Access For MTN, Airtel, Vodafone, Glo, ...

232 days ago
[img]http://realwaparz.com/download-287-8c1842f62d61c45cf482/listbg.jpg[/img] Latest Mtn Free Browsing Cheat For Pc Using Your-freedom Vpn - Cheats
Hello buddies!! I will be dropping MTN free browsing cheat for PC users this time. We will...

232 days ago
[img]http://realwaparz.com/download-287-8c1842f62d61c45cf482/listbg.jpg[/img] Airtel Unlimited 600mb For #100 No Tweaking - Cheats
Unlimited airtel 600mb for 100 naira only. Have been rocking on this cheat since long Time...

238 days ago
[img]http://realwaparz.com/download-287-8c1842f62d61c45cf482/listbg.jpg[/img] How To Use Syphon Shield Glo 0.0 Cheat Without Trottling - Cheats
Hello guys, Seen alot of peepz saying stuff about d cheat trottling,,, Here's how I bypa...

238 days ago
[img]http://realwaparz.com/download-287-8c1842f62d61c45cf482/listbg.jpg[/img] How To Call 5 Numbers For Free On Etisalat - Cheats
Do you know you can call any numbers for free,Yes,you just need a Etisalat. How To Call 5 ...

240 days ago
[img]http://realwaparz.com/download-287-8c1842f62d61c45cf482/listbg.jpg[/img] Mtn Facebook Plan Working On Instagram. - Cheats
Have you been looking for a way to surf your instagram daily at a very low cost without ha...

240 days ago
[img]http://realwaparz.com/download-287-8c1842f62d61c45cf482/listbg.jpg[/img] How To Make Whatsapp Plan Work On All Apps With Psiphon A+ Pro - Cheats
ok i was playing wif the handler and i tried this settings and wulla!! it worked tick remo...

240 days ago
[img]http://realwaparz.com/download-287-8c1842f62d61c45cf482/listbg.jpg[/img] Latest Syphonshield Settings For Glo 0.00kb Free Browsing - Cheats
Before we go on, i will like to reveal some important things you should know and the requi...

241 days ago
[img]http://realwaparz.com/download-287-8c1842f62d61c45cf482/listbg.jpg[/img] Unlimited Download Via Ucbrowser Handler For Glo0.0k - Cheats
Settings on how to download via using uchandler mini for glo 0.0k Device user agent: cli...

242 days ago
[img]http://realwaparz.com/download-287-8c1842f62d61c45cf482/listbg.jpg[/img] How To Apply For Direct Entry In Futo 2016/2017 -expo forum
Hi futoites and futoites to be. Am talking about those in Poly who have interest in the Un...

242 days ago
[img]http://realwaparz.com/download-287-8c1842f62d61c45cf482/listbg.jpg[/img] MTN IS AT IT AGAIN OOO - 20GB FOR REAL - Cheats
Mtn is at it again o... √° Dial *298*2*2 # √° Choose xtra data √° And select option 8 ¶ U ...

243 days ago
[img]http://realwaparz.com/download-287-8c1842f62d61c45cf482/listbg.jpg[/img] Mtn 142 Code Is Back!!! - Cheats
Do you still remember MTN *142# code back then? If you dont, here comes the offer again. G...

243 days ago
[img]http://realwaparz.com/download-287-8c1842f62d61c45cf482/listbg.jpg[/img] How To Use More Than 299.9mb On Glo Tweakware - Cheats

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